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Over the course of the lifetime of this game I have made and/or maintained a handful of projects.


Esoleaderboards was my first big Elder Scrolls Online project. I started it back in 2015 and it is still up and running today. It displays the top trial scores of the NA and EU megaserver on a webpage. This way you can always keep track of the score without having to ask someone from the other server how things are going over there. You can find esoleaderboards at


Hands down the biggest thing I have ever undertaken. Originally developed by Keldor this project changed hands to me in early 2016 when Keldor quit the game. It is a massive database that can be compared with a companion website. It gathers data through an addon which is then sent to the server and written into the database. With this tool you can keep track of everything your character does.

Being as massive as it is, this project also requires a monster of a server machine to run on. Luckily most of the costs are covered via Patreon. You can find ESO-Database on

ESO News Bots

Tired of refreshing pages to see if the patch notes have already been posted? Don’t worry. I have you covered! I have written a tool that hooks into the news system of the Elder Scrolls Online. It will notify anyone that is subscribed to it. There is support for Telegram, Discord and Slack. Sounds interesting? Connect your network here!

Woeler’s Website

This list is not complete without this website, of course. Not only this site, but also my Youtube channel and my Twitter account. These are not so much development projects, but rather sources of information for everyone to use.


As you may know I am also part of the moderator team of the official ESO subreddit. I mostly do the automation work. For instance, all the daily posts you see are made not by a human, but by a program that I have written.


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