Infused and Torug’s Pact explained

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As the new patch (Horns of the Reach) approaches, we as tanks have to decide if running defending on the main bar is still worth it. It has gotten a significant nerf and that means other traits will become likely candidates as well. One of these traits is infused.

So what does infused do?

Infused increases the effect of your enchant by 30% (before Horns of the Reach 20%) and reduced the cool-down of the enchant by 50% (before Horns of the Reach 40%).

The base values

So as a tank there are two types on enchants that make sense to use on weapons. The first one is a Weakening enchant (reduces the weapon/spell damage of the target) and the second one is a Crusher enchant (reduces the armour/spell resistance of the target).

Torug’s Pact

Torug’s Pact has a 5 piece bonus that reduces the cool-down of your enchant by 30% and increases the effect of your enchant by 30% also.

The math


The base cool-down of both enchants is 10 seconds. (Formula: Base * (1 – infused) * (1 – Torug’s))

Effects Cool-down
None 10 seconds
Infused 5 seconds
Torug’s Pact 7 seconds
Infused and Torug’s Pact 3,5 seconds

Enchantment value

Formula: Base * (1 + infused) * (1 + Torug’s)

Effects Weakening Enchant Crushing Enchant
None 348 1622
Infused 452 2108
Torug’s Pact 452 2108
Infused and Torug’s Pact 588 2740

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