Hel Ra Citadel

Ra Kotu

Ra Kotu can be quite a pain to tank properly. The main problem emerges in the beginning of the fight. He has three mobs with him. IF you taunt these mobs they will automatically get collision with the boss. This can make the boss spin around uncontrolably, killing your team mates. To prevent this just make sure to let the mobs roam free. Damage dealers should kill them off as fast as possible.

The best way to position the boss is to let him come out of the gate and then dodge right through him. Making him face the gate. By doing this your group has the whole room to move around and get out of red circles. You as a tank don't need a lot of room in this fight, at least not in the first half.

Normal Phase

During the first 70% of the fight the boss has a few mechanics, but they are not that interesting for you as a tank. He does a cleave attack, a frontal cone. You an easily take this. Your group mates can't. Secondly the boss does a sword throw. Here he will throw four swords diagonally from his position in four directions. You are in front, so won't get hit. Your group should be behind him and also not get any damage from this ability.

Lastly the boss spawns little whirlwinds. Your group mates need to kite them. You as a tank can stand in them, they will go away after a while. Beware though that you don't get three our four of these at once. This can happen when the fight takes very long

Execute Phase

The execute mechanic of this boss starts at 30% boss health. At ths point the boss will start to spin. This will cause an aera of effect around him. Your team mates cannot stand in this. There are two options as to how to play this fight. The first option is for you to kite the boss around until he stops spinning, but this will be a huge DPS loss. The second option is to just keep standing in the red, but this requires a very skilled healer. Be really careful with this, the AOE attack hits really hard.

Yokeda Rok'dun

This boss will test your resource management as a tank. You will have to taunt the boss in order to make sure his arrows (it's an archer) will go on you and not on the group. Your primary focus however are the welwa mobs the boss spawns. You will have to tank these mobs and make sure they face the group. The reason for this is their rear kick attack. The only significant AOE damage coming from these most is coming from their rear side. So it is important to face their rear away from the group, and preferably away from the boss.

The boss does not have any significant attacks. The one that does the most damage is the fire bomb. This is a fire AOE he will cast on a player, but even as a vampire tank you can just stand in this as long as your healer is decent. Don't bother with moving around too much when this happens.

There are two approaches to this boss. I will explain them both.

Tactic One: Fight and Follow

This tactics is based on the movement of the boss. The boss will change position every now and then. Your group will follow him and reposition every time. This means you will have to move the mobs around too. This tactic is more heavy on the tanks, but generally easier to carry out as it does not require a lot of planning.

You will just keep following the boss around, tanking all the mobs.

Tactic Two: Come Back Here!

This tactic requires a little more planning and some decent AOE damage from your group. You will tank the welwa mobs as close to the boss as possible so that they take a lot of damage. As soon as the boss changes position your damage dealers will execute the mob that has the lowest amount of health. The boss is programmed to resurrect mobs that died. By doing this you force the boss to come back to his original position. This tactic allows you to stay where you are, if executed correctly.

Yokeda Kai

This fight requires no tank. Do not send a tank to this boss.

The Warrior

The warrior is a fight that has become quite difficult. The reason being that this boss hits mercilessly hard. If you are not certain about your performance of the group performance make sure to wear a set of hist bark during this fight. Dodging some is his heavy hits can save your life.

Circle Buffs

In the beginning of the fight there are two big cirles on the ground. The blue circle to the right, increasing the damage done of all those who stand in it. The golden circle to the left, increasing all healing received of all who stand in it. Typically your group will stand in the blue circle. When doing this you position the boss between the edge of this blue circle and the platform he spawns on. You do this for two reasons. Reason number one is that you want your melee damage dealers to be able to reach the boss and stand in the circle. The second reason is that all entities in the blue circle do more damage, this includes the boss! You as a tank really DO NOT want to get hit by the boss when he stands in the blue circle.

Shield Throw

This mechanic will target one random member of your raid. The boss will throw his shield to them like a bommerang. All people will need to dodge this. The chances are very high this attack will go on your group, meaning that you will not get hit. This mechanic is a channel ability, so the boss will stand still for a few seconds. If you want you can do a heavy attack here. It could happen that this attack targets you. You can move out and then move back, or just stand there in block (I do not recommend this mentality though).

The Quad-Channel Attack

This attack is very dangerous. The warrior will make 4 consecutive hits with his mace on you. They hit fast and they hit hard. Make sure to spam your ignious shield during this attack. Preferable have a potion running that increases your healing received by 30%. Also make sure to have 100 champion points in Hardy, it will make the fight a whole lot easier for you and your healer.

The Burn Phase

When the Warrior reaches 35% health he will initiate what we call the burn phase. He will walk to the platform where he spawned and summon a two-handed sword in his hand. During this summoning the entire raid is knocked back.

He will now always do a combination of four attacks. A dawnbreaker, a cleave, the starfall and some general heaby attacks on the tank. The dawnbreaker is a frontal line AOE that will pick a random target. This works just like the shield throw, except that this kills you instantly. Be aware of this attack and move out when needed.

After every dawnbreaker he will do a cleave (frontal AOE cone attack) this is a oneshot to any other raidmember but you. Normally he will do this cleave in the direction where he did the dawnbreaker. This can kill damage dealers that walk back to the boss too early. You can prevent this by walking back from the boss once the dawnbreaker has finished. This forces the boss to follow you and then do the cleave. This will make sure nobody will ever get hit by the cleave but you (or some idiot damage dealer standing next to you).

Then there is the starfall. During this phase the Warrior will lift his sword into the air and start casting AOE circles on everyone. The key to this phase is to stand spread out. As a tank there is no reason to stand close to the boss here. Walk back, hold block and use vigor. Give as much room as you can to your damage dealers. The closer they can stand together the easier it becomes for the healers to heal the group. You can take a few hits without healing, they can't.

The rotation of the boss attacks is always the same in the burn phase. Learn it by hard. It goes like this: Dawnbreaker -> Cleave -> Single Target Attacks -> Dawnbreaker -> Cleave -> Single Target Attacks -> Starfall.

Difficult Mode

Coming soon.