Help Me Out

So, you are looking how you can help me out? Great! All the content I produce for you guys, which currently includes my Youtube guides and videos, eso-databas, esoleaderboards, my Teamspeak servers. my Ark server and this website is work I do because I like doing it. In other words, I don't make money doing this.

Hosting these websites and servers however, costs money. I pay this out of my own pocket mostly, but you can help me out if you want to! You can donate via Paypal if you want to. There is no set amount, you can decide yourself how much you would like to donate. Or even better, become a patron via Patreon and help me out paying for the server monthly and gain cool perks!

If you'd rather donate ingame, that is also great! You can donate to @Woeler on the EU PC/MAC megaserver.

Whatever happens, I will always keep providing my services and videos for free.

Thank you for considering and have a nice day!

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