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Lightning Storm Atronach

This boss is very basic when it comes to tanking. Only one tank is required. The most important aspect is of course to keep the boss agroed at all times.

It has a mechanic where it will spawn a yellow circle in the room, this is a safe spot. All members of the team need to seek protection in this circle when the boss calls down lightning. An indicator for this ability is when the boss puts his hand up in the air. You as a tank also need to seek protection, you will not survive this attack otherwise.

The boss is positioned as shown on the map below. This position is ideal as it allows melee damage dealers to keep doing their full rotation when the yellow circle spawns in the west or the south.

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to leave the safe space about two seconds before the boss finishes his lightning call ability. You do this to prevent the boss from moving. So make sure to leave on time and refresh your taunt before the boss becomes mobile again. This is a matter of feeling, you need to tr what the best timing is for you.

furthermore there is an attack where the boss will explode and send lightning waves in all directions. It is crucial that your heroic slash is on the boss at this moment. When you see he starts casting this make sure heroic slash is on there, then cast ignious shield (for major mending) and finally cast echoing vigor to give your group a heal over time.

During the fight you can keep healing with vigor. The boss does not hit hard or often, so you should have plenty of stamina.

Foundation Stone Atronach

This boss is a little different from you standard boss. The reason being that it does not target you directly, it only operater through area of effect attacks. You should still keep in taunted at all times to prevent it from moving. the boss spawns two types of mobs, melee mobs and mage mobs. Make sure to range taunt the melee mobs so that they will die in area of effect abilities. You also taunt them to prevent them from stunning your group members.

The boss has two phases that wil repeat. The stomp phase and the rock throw phase. I will discuss them both.

The Stomp Phase

During this phase the boss will start stomping on the ground. This is a area of effect abilit that will fill the whole room. You do not need to block this. Your group will be stacked during this phase. So instead of blocking keep up your taunt and heroic slash, next to that keep up a rotation of ignious shield (for major mending) and vigor. So basically what you do is make sure taunt and heroic slash are up and use ignious shield, bar swap, vigor, bar swap, ignious shield et cetera.

The damage you get here as a tank is not a lot. You are the only mobile person in this part of the fight. If there is a mage mob that is annoying you or causing problems you have time to use your range taunt on it and move out of the group to position the mage mob in the group so that it will die later in your group's area of effect abilities. Make sure you are back in position on time to prevent the boss from moving around.

The Rock Throw Phase

During this phase your group will stop stacking and spread out. You will still keep up your taunt, heroic slash and your ignious shield/vigor rotation. The difference being that you need to block here. If you do not block you will get knocked back by flying rocks. This can compromise your positioning, so make sure to block here permanently. You may not move a lot during this phase. You can of course still range taunt melee mobs during this phase.


This boss is very convenient to tank, the main reason being that it does not move. At the beginning of the fight (especially if you are doing speedruns) make sure you are both the first in range and the first one to hit the boss (with your taunt). Otherwise the boss will instantly cast a frost breath that will oneshot a member of your team if they do not immediately dodge it.

Once the fight has started make sure you are not that close to the boss. Leave space for your melee damage dealers. The hitbox of the boss is huge, you an melee taunt it from great range. The main reason you stay on a distance is because of the rain drops (tiny area of effect circles) the boss casts. These do a lot of damage and you want to give people both the room to move around and a clear vision of the ground around them.

At certain points in the fight the boss will spawn copies of itself. These copies need to be killed, otherwise the boss will oneshot the entire raid. You do not need to do anything with these mobs, just range taunt them.

The boss has one single target attack that will always target you if you have agro. This attack is called "Frost Breath". This is a single target ice projectile. You can reflect this using your Dragon Fire Scales. This is a nice thing to do as the reflected hits can do quite a lot of damage on the boss, especially if they crit.

Ultimately make sure to keep heroic slash up every now and then. Also use your vigor when possible, you have a lot of free time during this fight.

The Mage

This fight is very interesting for tanks. It requires top performance when it comes to resource management. Your job here is simple in concept, but quite hard to carry out. You do not need to taunt the boss all the time. The boss will spawn giant flying pink axes. You need to tank these axes outside the group. Not losing agro on them is key as they will oneshot other players if you lose them. You will tank them at the position on the map below.

The Axes

In the beginning of the fight there are no axes. At this point you will get into position. Taunt the mage at this point. By doing this you make sure the first two axes will spawn left and right from her, making it easier for you to target them immediately. When you have the first two axes don't bother with taunting the boss anymore.

If you are not sure of your own performance or if you do not trust your healers very much you can use magma shell as an ultimate in this fight. If that is not the case you can use war horn. However, when you cast war horn you need to move a little closer to the group to make sure everyone gets the buff. Then move back. keep an eye on the axes, because if they creep away at this point it is very hard to get them back.

Ask your healer to throw you a shard every now and then if you have stamina issues, but beware, these shards do damage. This means that as soon as you lose agro on one of the axes they will remember the healer damaged them with shards and instantly chase after them. So getting shards is nice, but it will require you to stay on your guard at all times.

Space Aids

At a certain point in the fight big red and black circles will start spawning. These circles will gradually get bigger and then disappear. We call them "space aids" (I do not know the real name). These circles will occasionally get in your way and you will need to reposition. This is not a big deal, but be sure to inform your healer so he can keep and eye on you. When the circle is gone, move back to your original position.

The Burn Phase

Lastly there is what we call the "burn phase". This happens when the mage is at 15%. She will despawn all axes and everyone will go into the middle to excute the boss. What I ususally do here is melee taunt to boss to get her debuffed, cast circle of protection to reduce incoming damage on my team, and have guard on my second bar to guard my healer in this phase, just in case.

Also check your gear setup for this fight. Running debuff sets like Alkosh or Mephala's Hand is useless as you are not in range of the boss. Put something on that will help you survive, like Ebon and Hist Bark for instance.

Difficult Mode

I assume you have read everything I described for the Mae fight. Here I will go into more detail about the hard mode of the Mage. First of all, the hard mode requires both a main tank and an off-tank. I will describe their jobs below, but first lets dive into the differences on that hard mode.

During the hard mode the mage will have more HP. Besides that she will spawn storm atronarchs regularly. As a final extra mechanic meteor will constantly fall down from the sky, these need to be blocked. When you do not block these meteors they will stun you.

Main tank Job

Your job is the same as during the non-hard mode fight. You will keep track of the axes. The difference of course being that the fight will take longer and you will get more axes. Never taunt the storm atronarchs as main tank. Let them roam until your off-tank has them taunted.

Off-tank Job

The off-tank will position himself very close to the mage, preferably right behind her. The off-tank will always keep a melee taunt up to keep the mage debuffed.

Next to that the off-tank is responsible for taunting all storm atronarchs that spawn. This way they will walk into the middle and die in area of effect damage. However, the mage sometimes spawns small copies of herself called reflections. When a reflection spawns the off-tank will move all the atronarchs to the reflection. At this point all damage dealers will prepare for a big nuke on that spot, killing both the reflection and the atronarchs. Once the reflection is down, the off-tank will move back to his original position.

The off-tank will use shields and vigor and if he can he will resurrect players that have died in the melee camp.