The Patron - Homestead Update

General info

The Patron is a build aimed at maximun support through mostly healing. Our medium armor setup allows us to focus more on weapon damage and weapon critical. This will push our vigor heals up to values that can be deemed significant in terms of healing. As an off-tank one does not require tankiness of a main tank, and thus one can focus more on general support. Especially because in some situations the off-tank does not really have a clear defined job.

The off-tank role is rather vague, but with this build you will be able to support your team, no matter where you are. Also swapping to DD is not an issue as 25k health is perfectly fine to run with as an off-tank.

Monster sets

Normally Rkugamz would be a very good monster set to wear as an off-tank. The problem with it at the moment is that most raids do not run a lot of stamina players, if one at all. Unless your raid has a significant amount of stamina players I would not use this set. A few options that are left for us are Troll King which would give our team members a big health regen boost if they drop low and get healed. This set works well on an off-tank as we mostly heal with heal over time, and not with direct flash heals. Another option is Lord Warden, but only if the fights are stacked. This will give some nice extra resistances to your team mates. But the setup that I prefer is one that gives us more magicka regen. And instead of running one two-piece set I run two one-piece sets. These are Chokethorn (Elden Hollow 1) and one piece Shadowrend (Banished Cells 1). They both give magicka regen as a one piece bonus, which is nice to get more resource management and do more support in general.

Our setup will look like this table below. Ideally you want to run all pieces medium for the extra critical healing you can do, but if you feel uncomfortable you can run your monster sets in heavy.


Armor Piece Set Enchant Trait
Head Chokethorn Prismatic Defence Infused
Shoulder Shadowrend Prismatic Defence Sturdy
Body Powerful Assault Prismatic Defence Infused
Hands Roar of Alkosh Prismatic Defence Sturdy
Waist Roar of Akosh Prismatic Defence Sturdy
Legs Powerful Assault Prismatic Defence Infused
Feet Roar of Alkosh Prismatic Defence Sturdy
Necklace Powerful Assault Shield Play Robust
Ring Powerful Assault Shield Play Robust
Ring Powerful Assault Shield Play Robust
Main Hand 1 Roar of Alkosh Crusher Defending
Shield 1 Roar of Alkosh Prismatic Defence Nirnhoned/Reinforced
Main Hand 2 Roar of Alkosh Crusher Powered
Shield 2 Roar of Alkosh Prismatic Defence Infused


Why did you change to sturdy now?

Because finally with the Homestead patch Powerful Assault (an off-tank set) drops in sturdy. Meaning I no longer have setups where I will lose all my block cost reduction if I use sturdy. Due to the way block cost reduction works using both sturdy and CP for block cost reduction is bad. they diminish each other. So I had to choose and I chose for the CP. Now however I do not have to make that choice anymore as Powerful Assault finally drops in sturdy and I can go wear sturdy now.


Best race choice

1. Argonian -> The massive bonus in extra healing just makes them fine off-tanks.
2. Imperial -> Max resources gives you a lot of room for extra casts and also scales vigor up.
3. Khajiit -> You can reach very high weapon critical ratings as a tank, making your vigor crit a lot.


Stats & Supplies

In general you should aim to have 25k health or a little more with your food buff activated. Make sure to apply your enchants to your gear first, that way you will see how much health you get from them. After this you can spend your attributes. Whatever is left after you have reached your health goal goes into stamina.

For food we use the purple tri-stat food that increases all our max stats. Simply because we use all resources and this we we get the max raw value. For potions we use the tri-stat potions that give back magicka, health and stamina all at once.

Mundus stone -> The Ritual (increased healing done). As our main job is based around the vigor heal we want to increase the effectiveness of this skill to the max. This mundus stone does exactly that, it increases our healing done.

Be a vampire. Yes, the 10% magicka regen is worth it. The extra fire damage is a joke.

Champion points


Elemental Defender -> 93 points
Hardy -> 93 points
Thick Skinned -> 14 points


Warlord -> 100
Magician -> 25
Arcanist -> 75


Blessed -> 100
Precise Strikes -> 100



Bar 1:

Heroic Slash: Debufs the enemy with minor maim, making sure they do 15% less damage. Will also give you minor heroism, increasing your ultimate gain.
Pierce Armor: Melee taunt that runs 15 seconds. Also debufs the enemy for 12 seconds with major fracture and major breach.
Echoing Vigor: A huge AOE heal that costs stamina. This is a great ability to use for support. The area is massive and due to our CP allocation it will heal our allies for quite a lot. This is the ability that off-tanking is all about. Cast this often!
Absorb Magick: Will give you 8% block cost reduction and 8% damage mitigation by having it slotted. Also handy to spam in heave projectile fights, like Rakkhat in Maw of Lorkhaj.
Igneous Shield: A shield that goes on you and your allies. It scales with max health, so works good on a tank. The main reason we use this is because it is an Earthen Heart ability, and if we have the Helping Hands passive we will get 5% stamina back every time we use this skill. This means by resource managing we automatically shield our allies.
Ultimate -> Barrier: Now we DO NOT use this skill. but due to the alliance war passives having barrier slotted on your main bar will give you 10% extra magicka recovery. Note that if you have issues bar swapping than please do not do this and just double slot war horn. It's not a huge difference, but min-maxing is min-maxing.

Bar 2:

Unrelenting Grip: Chains, pull enemies to you. A must have for every tank. Makes fights go way faster.
Inner Rage: A taunt that you can use on range to initiate encounters. It will cost magicka, but it also has a stamina morph. Which one you chose is a matter of personal preference.
Hardened Armor: You major armor buffs that you need to keep up at all times. Will also give you a small shield.
Ultimate -> Aggressive Horn: An ability that will increase your group's crit damage for 10 seconds and it will increase all their stat pools by 10% for 30 seconds. This is by a clear mile the strongest ultimate to use for tanks.

The last two slots on the back bar are flex slots. Here you can use skills you would like to have availble during certain encounters. Options could be:

  • Coagulating Blood
  • Choking Talons
  • Ring of Preservation
  • Guard (Mystic or Stalwart)
  • Igneous Weapons
  • Speed buff
  • Mystic Orb

Take note: If you are using guard you should double bar it! You will remove absorb magick from your bar in this case!

If you have any questions leave them on my Twitter @WoelerGaming (or Teamspeak/Telegram for Patrons).