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General info

Patch: 3.2 Clockwork City
Class: Dragonknight
Purpose: Trials Off-Tank

The Clockwork City patch is live. Not a lot has changed for tanks since the Horns of the Reach patch. There are only some minor changes. You will find them below.


Monster sets

Sustain is still a major part of tanking. And to be honest there are quite some interesting two-piece monster sets. However, using two one-piece sets that give magicka recovery will boost your sustain by quite a bit. Two such sets exist, Shadowrend and Chokethorn. I would say this is the superior option for now. It is a strong combination. You can farm Shadowrend in Banished Cells I and you can farm Chokethorn in Elden Hollow I.

Below you will find three different gear setups. The best in slot setup and a setup for people that prefer to be more tanky.

Gear – Setup best in slot

Hover over set names to see their tooltip. Remember that you can swap the pieces around to suit what items you may have available.

Armor PieceSetEnchantTrait
HeadChokethorn (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy / Infused
ShoulderShadowrend (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
BodyEbon Armory (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy / Infused
HandsEbon Armory (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
WaistRoar of Alkosh (M)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
LegsEbon Armory (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy / Infused
FeetEbon Armory (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
NecklaceEbon ArmoryShield PlayHealthy
RingRoar of AlkoshShield PlayRobust
RingRoar of AlkoshShield PlayRobust
Main Hand 1Roar of AlkoshCrusherInfused
Shield 1Roar of AlkoshPrismatic DefenceSturdy
Main Hand 2Roar of AlkoshCrusherInfused
Shield 2Roar of AlkoshPrismatic DefenceSturdy


Chokethorn -> Elden Hollow I
Shadowrend -> Banished Cells I
Roar of Alkosh -> Maw of Lorkhaj (requires Thieves Guild DLC)
Ebon Armory -> Crypt of Hearts I & II

We use a medium alkosh belt as it will result in the least armor loss while still benefiting from the Undaunted passive that gives you 2% resources for each armor type worn. This also allows us to get a little more health by wearing a necklace of the Ebon Armory.

Also, if you are comfortable with your block cost, you can try and swap out your big armour pieces for pieces with the infused trait to get some more resources. This is a matter of playing around with your gear. Some people are more comfortable with sturdy.

This build pairs well with the Shredder main tank build. Since that build is already using Torug’s Pact, we do not need to use it on this build as well. Since the off-tank has more freedom to move around in general, he or she has more time to activate and chase synergies. While synergy activation remains buggy and inconsistent, on a off-tank it still works quite ok. This way we have Torug’s combined with Alkosh.

Gear – Setup if your main tank is NOT wearing Torug’s Pact

Hover over set names to see their tooltip. Remember that you can swap the pieces around to suit what items you may have available.

Armor PieceSetEnchantTrait
HeadChokethorn (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
ShoulderShadowrend (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
BodyTorug's Pact (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
HandsTorug's Pact (M)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
WaistTorug's Pact (L)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
LegsEbon Armory (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
FeetEbon Armory (H)Prismatic DefenceSturdy
NecklaceEbon ArmoryShield PlayHealthy
RingEbon ArmoryShield PlayHealthy
RingEbon ArmoryShield PlayHealthy
Main Hand 1Torug's PactCrusherInfused
Shield 1Torug's PactPrismatic DefenceSturdy
Main Hand 2Torug's PactCrusherInfused
Shield 2Torug's PactPrismatic DefenceSturdy


Chokethorn -> Elden Hollow I
Shadowrend -> Banished Cells I
Ebon Armory-> Crypt of Hearts I & II
Torug's Pact -> Crafted (Grathwood, Stormhaven, Deshaan)



1. Argonian -> Extra healing output and input, plus a built in resource management system and a health bonus.
2. Imperial -> 12% health is still a massive bonus that cannot be neglected.
3. Khajiit -> Will allow you to easily switch to a DD setup when needed (and that will be needed). Also gives you a fair boost in stamina regeneration, which is nice to have as an off-tank as you are not always blocking.

Stats & Supplies

You want a decent health pool. I would feel comfortable with anything above 35k health. This is including food buff. To get the right amount of health create all your gear and enchant it, then distribute your CP and eat your food, now fill your health points until you reach 35k. You can put the rest into stamina. I put these points into stamina because I want to get stamina back when I use a mystic orb or a spear shard synergy. This makes use of your highest resource, and stamina is higher than magicka if we do this. Also, if we want to switch to stamina DD, we need a decent stamina pool.

As for supplies we will use blue Orzorga’s Red Frothgar to increase our health and magicka recovery. Magicka recovery is key in this build so we can purge and deep-breath a lot. As for potions we will use the tri-stat potions that give back stamina, magicka and health (cp150 of course). In some fights it is still nice to use major vitality/lingering health pots, but you will have to see which ones suit you best.

Atronach Mundus StoneMundus stone -> The Atronach (magicka recovery). It is still important to keep magicka recovery up. Dragon Knights use utility skills that cost magicka. Nothing really scales. So it is better to have more recovery than to have more max stats. We don’t directly benefit from max stats.

Be a vampire. Yes, the 10% magicka regen is worth it. The extra fire damage is a joke. Just have a look at the passives Supernatural Recovery and Undeath.

Champion Points (690)

Warrior Constellation

Elemental Defender -> 37 points
Hardy -> 37 points
Thick Skinned -> 44 points
Ironclad -> 66 points
Bastion -> 40 points
Quick Recovery -> 5 points
Heavy Armor Focuss -> 1

Thief Constellation

Shadow Ward -> 95 points
Tumbling -> 44 points
Arcanist -> 75 points
Sprinter -> 16 points

Mage Constellation

Blessed -> 100
Elf Born -> 90
Melee Weapons Expert -> 40 points


Hover over skill names to see their tooltip.

Heroic Slash Pierce Armor Efficient Purge Deep Breath Fragmented Shield Replenishing Barrier
Unrelenting Grip Inner Rage Hardened Armor Choking Talons Energy Orb Aggressive Horn

Bar 1:

Heroic Slash: Debufs the enemy with minor maim, making sure they do 15% less damage. Will also give you minor heroism, increasing your ultimate gain.
Pierce Armor: Melee taunt that runs 15 seconds. Also debufs the enemy for 12 seconds with major fracture and major breach.
Efficient Purge: A powerful cleanse that is useful in most trials to cleanse poison or bleed debuffs off allies and yourself.
Deep Breath: A must have for Veteran Halls of Fabrication. This skill is an AoE interrupt.
Fragmented Shield: A shield that scales with health (this is the essence of this build!) that goes on you and allies. Casting this will also give alies Minor Brutality and it will return stamina to you if you have unlocked the Helping Hands passive. This is a skill that you will constantly use.
Ultimate -> Replenishing Barrier*: We DO NOT use this skill. But due to the alliance war passives having barrier slotted on your main bar will give you 10% extra magicka recovery. Note that if you have issues bar swapping than please do not do this and just double slot war horn. It’s not a huge difference, but min-maxing is min-maxing.

*If you are struggling in certain fights, do swap this ultimate for Magma Shell. Surviving is priority number one.

Bar 2:

Unrelenting Grip: Chains, pull enemies to you. A must have for every tank. Makes fights go way faster.
Inner Rage: A taunt that you can use on range to initiate encounters. It will cost magicka, but it also has a stamina morph. Which one you chose is a matter of personal preference.
Hardened Armor: You major armor buffs that you need to keep up at all times. Will also give you a small shield.
Choking Talons: An AoE root that works extremely well in large groups of enemies. Also reduces the damage affected enemies do.
Energy Orb: A great way to give your group some more resources, and does some nice healing over time as well.
Ultimate -> Aggressive Horn: An ability that will increase your group’s crit damage for 9,5 seconds and it will increase all their stat pools by 10% for 30 seconds. This is by a clear mile the strongest ultimate to use for tanks.

The last two slots on the back bar are flex slots. Here you can use skills you would like to have availble during certain encounters. Options could be:

Important Passives

If you have any questions leave them on my Twitter @WoelerGaming.


  • Oct 30th 2017 – Clockwork City update


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