Alkosh vs Torug’s Pact

author image by Woeler | 0 Comments | August 1, 2017

Let us do the math on why I prefer Roar of Alkosh over Torug's Pact. Below you can see two graphs depicting the average penetration. I compare 50% crusher uptime with infused and 75% crusher uptime with infused on an Roar of Alkosh setup to a Torug's Pact setup with 100% crusher uptime.

As you can see the needed Roar of Alkosh uptime to outperform Torug's Pact is within reachable margins. Especially if you keep in mind that with an infused weapon you will most likely hit that 75% crusher uptime, if not more. Also keep in mind that I even gave Torug's Pact the upper hand in these graphs by assuming a 100% crusher uptime.

If you get a reasonable amount of synergies in combat, Roar of Alkosh is the clear victor. So if you are sure that you can output an Roar of Alkosh uptime bigger than shown in the graphs, wear Roar of Alkosh. If you do not, or are not sure, wear a setup with Torug's Pact.

Keep in mind that Torug's Pact Pact is BUGGED on the PTS at the moment and has a cooldown that is lower than it should have.  (this was solved). These calculations were done with the values Torug's Pact should have when it is working as intended.


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