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As a tank, and especially in raids there are a couple of addons you should use. I will list them all below.


Untaunted is an addon that will show you taunt timers on different targets. This addon is very handy if you need to control multiple mobs at once. It is also nice to check which mob is taunted. For instance, if I am tanking the axes in AA I will look to untaunted to see if it actually shows a taunt on 3 axes if there are 3 in the fight. This way I know I have every single one of them taunted.

Download it here



Srendarr – Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker

Srendar is a nice addon to track all your other buffs and debufs. It is very customizable, which is nice, because it lets you track stuff like Alkosh on bosses. Configuration can be done entirely to your liking.

Download it here




RaidNotifier Updated

RaidNotifier is a must have addon if you are doing veteran trials. It will warn you abou incoming mechanics on both you and other players in your raid. You will know exactly what is going on when you have this addon installed. I do not think there is a more important addon than this one in raiding terms.

Download it here


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