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  • Builds Dragonknight Post

    Dragonknight Main-Tank: Spartan

    General info Patch: 5.0 Elsweyr Class: Dragonknight Purpose: Trials Main-Tank In terms of Tanking, Elsweyr is a relatively quiet patch. So nothing much has changed. Gear Monster sets There are a few options here, based on what your group needs….

  • Builds Post Warden

    Warden Main-Tank: Guardian

    General info Patch: 5.0 Elsweyr Class: Warden Purpose: Trials Main-Tank Gear Monster sets To be honest there are quite some interesting two-piece monster sets. However, using two one-piece sets that give magicka recovery will boost your sustain by quite a…

  • Builds Nightblade Post

    Nightblade Dungeon Tank: Darkness

    General info Patch: 4.1 Wolfhunter Class: Nightblade Purpose: Dungeon and Veteran Dungeon Tank This build is meant for Nightblades that want to run dungeons as a tank. It’s main focus is providing a decent amount of heals, and together with…

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