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    DK Main-Tank: Spartan

    General info Patch: 3.3 Dragon Bones Class: Dragonknight Purpose: Trials Main-Tank With the Dragon Bones patch two important changes have been made for Tanks. First off, the block cost formula has changed. Running block cost enchants in combination with shadowward/sturdy…

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    Nightblade Dungeon Tank: Darkness

    General info Patch: 3.2 Clockwork City Class: Nightblade Purpose: Dungeon and Veteran Dungeon Tank This build is meant for Nightblades that want to run dungeons as a tank. It’s main focus is providing a decent amount of heals, and together…

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    DK Off-Tank: Patron

    General info Patch: 3.2 Clockwork City Class: Dragonknight Purpose: Trials Off-Tank The Clockwork City patch is live. Not a lot has changed for tanks since the Horns of the Reach patch. There are only some minor changes. You will find…

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