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  • Builds Dragonknight Post

    Dragonknight Main-Tank: Spartan

    General info Patch: 4.3 Wrathstone Class: Dragonknight Purpose: Trials Main-Tank Wrathstone brings some significant changes regarding one handed weapon enchants and races. Nord makes its way up the ladder of good tanking races, and frost staves are now stronger on…

  • Builds Post Warden

    Warden Main-Tank: Guardian

    General info Patch: 4.2 Murkmire Class: Warden Purpose: Trials Main-Tank Gear Monster sets To be honest there are quite some interesting two-piece monster sets. However, using two one-piece sets that give magicka recovery will boost your sustain by quite a…

  • Builds Nightblade Post

    Nightblade Dungeon Tank: Darkness

    General info Patch: 4.1 Wolfhunter Class: Nightblade Purpose: Dungeon and Veteran Dungeon Tank This build is meant for Nightblades that want to run dungeons as a tank. It’s main focus is providing a decent amount of heals, and together with…

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“Tanking is boring” said the guy hitting a combination of 6 buttons in order over and over and over again for 5 minutes.

This week we continue in The Rift with the epic story of Ysgramor, the "Harbinger of us all" and his oh so bloodthirsty axe Wuuthrad. Will anyone ever be able to stop him?

#ESO @TESOnline

After two weeks over three continents I’m done with flying for the next couple of months. Finally home.

Complaining about a subreddit being “pure shit”. Why are you still here then? Why are people not allowed to celebrate achievements? Maybe have your mom call us if you’re unable to communicate in a normal way?

Presentation done! Thanks for the photo @capetownoffice #CMSAfrica19 #TYPO3 #mautic