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    Dragonknight Main-Tank: Spartan

    General info Patch: 4.0 Summerset Class: Dragonknight Purpose: Trials Main-Tank With Summerset, we as tanks luckily don’t have to adopt a lot of changes. Though jewel crafting brings us some interesting options that we can play with. Gear Monster sets…

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    Warden Main-Tank: Guardian

    General info Patch: 3.3 Dragon bones Class: Warden Purpose: Trials Main-Tank With the Dragon Bones patch two important changes have been made for Tanks. First off, the block cost formula has changed. Running block cost enchants in combination with shadowward/sturdy…

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    Nightblade Dungeon Tank: Darkness

    General info Patch: 3.2 Clockwork City Class: Nightblade Purpose: Dungeon and Veteran Dungeon Tank This build is meant for Nightblades that want to run dungeons as a tank. It’s main focus is providing a decent amount of heals, and together…

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According to the shipping costs of the Bethesda store I must be living on Mars or something. Not ordering when the shipping costs more than 3x the article.

Giving talks about the EU GDPR and seeing people freak out in silence is always fun.

A new audio book! This time it's from Shalidor's Library called "Gifts of the Nereids". Check it out now!

Just a little light reading for #WorldBookDay. 😉

How complete is your Lore Library in #ESO? 📚


The Spartan Dragonknight Tank build has been updated for Summerset. Utilizing new traits and the Psijic Order skill line! @TESOnline


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